Wormsmart Plus Is Here!

Wormsmart Plus is here. Wormsmart, the off grid wastewater treatment specialists, introduce this revolutionary secondary treatment system that has been meticulously developed to meet Australian standards as well as maintaining the fundamental principles held by Wormsmart, that being environmentally friendly, sustainable, user friendly, low maintenance and chemical free (unless chemicals are required by the regulator).

Developed primarily for the New Zealand market, and in conjunction with Wormsmart New Zealand, Wormsmart Plus has been proven to provide clients with environmentally friendly options for the treatment of their wastewater.

Previously a sand filter would have had to have been installed in order to meet secondary quality of the effluent. Sand filters require large amounts of excavation and disruption to your property, the requirement of a lot of space to house the sand filter and the time taken to install them, a lot of the success of a sand filter would be determined by third parties, that is the quality of the sand delivered and installed into the filter. Maintenance and servicing costs could be high and require more excavation and disruption to your property. Sand filters are notorious for failing.

The Wormsmart plus system, is a fully self-contained system built off site and installed with minimal excavation, time and disruption to your property. In the unlikely situation where maintenance is required it is simple, easy and quick. Unlike most secondary systems, AWTS’s, the Wormsmart plus system does not require quarterly servicing Depending on the council regulation). You will still enjoy all the ongoing benefits associated with the original Wormsmart system with no odours, no pump outs required, extremely low running and maintenance, organic waste disposal and completely passive treatment.

Perfect for off grid, solar, smaller and / or isolated properties that require a higher level of treatment but do not want to be burdened by service contracts and visits, high running costs or and ongoing expenses relating to getting mechanical plants or sand filters built. Sand filters now require special EPA authorisation and exemptions to be installed and this can cause long delays in Council approvals with no guarantee of approval. Wormsmart plus is EPA approved and does not require these exemptions..

Please contact Wormsmart to find out more about the Wormsmart Plus system and the benefits to you, your wallet and property.

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