Septic System Servicing

It is a requirement of all local and state government authorities that all waste water (septic) systems must be professionally serviced however, the frequency and the integrity of these services remains an industry variable.

Generally, traditional septic systems are serviced at quarterly intervals and the service report lodged with local councils. For homeowners this regularity can prove both costly and inconvenient, whilst the quality of each service can rarely be assured. Standard septic systems require regular “de-sludging” but this is a process which can be so conveniently overlooked.

Councils do conduct regular audits to ensure responsible inspections and fines have been issued for tardy servicing but most homeowners simply want a reliable system, from a supplier they can trust and with minimal unnecessary overhead.

Due to its uniquely natural process, the vast majority of regulators stipulate servicing for the modern WormSmart system just once every 18 – 24 months (although some local councils require each 12 months). Servicing costs are fair and are fully disclosed from the outset.

  • Current charge is $150 plus gst plus any required out-of-warranty components.
  • Requested service visit due to inflicted damage or misuse $500 plus gst plus any required out-of-warranty components.
  • Surcharge would apply for remote sites but would be nominated “up front”.

Upon completion of any service, a full Service Report will be provided to both the customer and the local council, with a further copy retained for future reference.

WormSmart’s integrity extends far beyond installation date.


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