Wander Lust Retreat, Putty, NSW

Another exciting brief and one which perfectly aligns with the unique WormSmart technology:

Wander Lust is a remote retreat; pristine and natural. The owners required a system which would work entirely off-the-grid. It needed to service not only the toilet block, manager’s house and guest kitchen, processing both black and grey water, as well as kitchen waste, but do so totally without smells or air pollution in such a delightfully natural environment.

Furthermore, due to the site’s remoteness and inaccessibility, the owners were anxious to avoid ongoing expenses for excessive service calls or “de-sludging”.

We installed a 10,000 litre concrete tank with onsite fit-out and an extensive pattern of soakage trenching. In itself, this proved challenging as a seasonal creek flowed directly through the camping area site; an obstacle overcome by creating a new flat surface and back-filling trenches with the surplus soil.

All objectives achieved and visitors would be very hard-pressed to realise the unobtrusive presence of WormSmart.


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