Install Your Own

At Wormsmart we completely understand that getting a new waste water system can be expensive and trying to coordinate builders and installers etc as well as councils can be very stressful and sometimes confusing. So to help ease the burden and give you complete control of your build we can now offer to supply you a Wormsmart system that you can install in your own time.

Are there conditions? There are of course some conditions that you have to be aware of. The system must be installed by and signed off on by a licensed plumber or drainer. You must still obtain a permit to install the system from your council and they may wish to inspect the installation and the warranty is more limited in that Wormsmart will not warranty the installation, we will still warranty the functionality of the system. Wormsmart does not generally apply for the permit in these cases however we are happy to do so for a small fee.

What is the process? Send as an enquiry via our contacts page and mention that you would like a quote for the supply only of the system, for this we will need to know exactly where the system is to be delivered and when you would like it and in order to ensure that you get the right system we will need to know how many bedrooms the house will have. All of this is for the tank only and if you would like us to supply you with all the material for the disposal field then we would need to see an approved permit or the results of a waste water report.

What are the advantages? It is not always possible for us to install the system when it best suits you or your plans and having the system onsite means that you can install the system at a time that best suits you. Having the local plumber install the system enables you to have a better and more local contact in case of issues. Depending on the price quoted for the installation you should be able to save some money.

What does the kit come with? The standard tank will come with everything you need including worms, an installation manual, all relevant documents and warranty that pertain to the quote. All you will need is to get approximately .8 of a meter of concrete to use as an anchor for the tank and all of this will be explained in the installation manual. We will deliver the tank and any material to your site, unload it and spend up to an hour answering questions and offering advise and if your hole is dug we can certainly help you to lower it into the hole.

If you have any questions at all then please feel free to send us an email via the contact form.


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