Why Choose WormSmart?

Septic systems serve a basic purpose. In today’s environmentally-responsible world some may not always be considered entirely efficient and at times significant ongoing costs may be involved so it’s exciting to discover that much improved technology is already at hand.

Based upon entirely natural processes, the WormSmart system was conceived in Australia and it’s swiftly drawing international recognition as the cleanest, most sustainable, cost-effective and ecologically balanced waste conversion system available; an unobtrusive, practical and economical alternative to those smelly septic systems of days gone by.

WormSmart is the only system of its type to receive full government approvals from every state and territory of Australia, together with New Zealand and as far afield as heavily-populated India.

WormSmart’s unique design utilises the silently efficient services of nature’s perfect waste processors, common worms, which meticulously break down all element of organic waste, as disposed into the system. Kitchen and garden matter, grey and black water; all are converted to an organic humus as nature’s second processor, aerobic bacteria, steps in to play its part, living, feeding and reducing the humus even further.

Grey water filters through, naturally cleaned and treated by the aerobic bacteria until it emerges as a clear, pathogen-free, odourless and nutrient-rich liquid, passing into the soil along with smaller worm eggs and reduced castings, as a perfect formula for natural plant fertilisation and soil aeration.

The WormSmart septic system operates passively, with natural atmosphere providing the aeration process and aerobic bacteria disposing of most pathogens; an efficient, silent and discrete installation which simply excels at its required function. To maintain optimum gravity flow, installation technicians will endeavour to take advantage of any available, gentle incline but for flat sites, a small pump will be utilised to disperse water from the tank to the application area.

WormSmart uses only quality products. The company specifies a premium Davey vortex pump which runs at only 1.5 amps while dispersing at a rate of approximately 150 litres per minute. Controlled via a demand float, it’s set to engage only when the tank reaches 600 litres and its low power consumption allows the option of operation from any available solar source.

What sets WormSmart apart from its competition? It’s more than just a commitment to superior user-friendly design; more than an insistence upon proven quality and stringent safety standards. WormSmart is justifiably proud of its vast range of approvals from government authorities - approvals not given lightly. Its systems are designed for better, faster and greater fresh air circulation via a purpose-built, passive atmospherically-controlled vent which ensures constant supply of clean fresh air to support the plethora of microscopic life working tirelessly below.

And the WormSmart team really does go the extra mile to ensure that their systems remain aesthetically pleasing, harmonising discretely with their garden or natural surrounds.

Let WormSmart take the headaches out of the installation process. The friendly team will gladly look after all council applications with no charge for this administration process – clients will only be required to pay the council’s application fee. In fact, WormSmart does not charge additionally for design or for consultation with clients, builders and plumbers to determine the very best possible outcomes, no matter how detailed those discussions become.

WormSmart focusses upon a highly efficient system at a fair price, which invariably results in a delighted client and multiple recommendations.

Please check our 5 star reviews and do let us know, should you like further information.


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