Septic Systems Permit Applications

Perhaps you are currently considering the purchase of land? Perhaps you’ve already purchased and have a new build under way – or even have an existing permit for a completely different, traditional septic system?

It’s never too early, nor too late to consider WormSmart. Simply give us a call and we’ll be happy to help. There’ll be no pressure to buy. We provide friendly information, guidance and assistance. Yes, we’re proud of our product and justifiably so, but we also respect those who take the time to speak with us.

All waste water systems and septic systems require a council approval permit prior to installation, modification or retro-fitting. Although for the layman this can be a daunting process, it’s an administration service freely provided by our qualified WormSmart team. Our customers need only pay the council’s application fee (gst free) and we will do the rest.

Designs, layouts, accreditations, schematics and installers’ credentials are crucial to the application. All are prepared, summarised and submitted by WormSmart at no cost to the customer. No matter where an install is planned, throughout Australia, all WormSmart systems have current state government accreditation. We know our products well and we trust them completely.

Finally, installation day arrives and our licensed drainage plumbers (minimum qualification) arrive to transform the WormSmart promise into a sublimely natural reality. Feel free to ask for our installer’s license; it will provide you with real confidence that your project is in the very best of hands.

For a permit application, we generally require:


Written permission from you to conduct the application on your behalf, just an email is usually enough.

LCA Report

A copy of your site and floor plan. Most often we also have a copy of these but will request them if required.

Site Floorplan

A copy of your site and floor plan. Most often we also have a copy of these but will request them if required.

Your Details

Your details as the property owner; postal address and contact phone number.


Invoice paid for the deposit and council imposed fee.


Most domestic permit applications will require a waste water report, sometimes called an LCA (Land Capability Assessment). Every state and local council has their own regulation regarding these and the requirement or not to have one.

Getting a waste water report involves having an engineer visit your property, they will generally take 3 to 4 soil samples to test certain factors such as; plasticity, clay content, flocculation, rock and granular density. Other things they will look at is the percolation rate of the soil, exposure to sun and wind, your blocks aspect, slope and size as well as vegetation coverage among other things. Further information such as average rain fall, evaporation rates, weather conditions and even local cultural history are considered. After generally 2 to 3 weeks you will receive a detailed written report, often up to 65 pages, out lining all the conclusions and calculations from the gathered information, including the best system and its sizing calculations and transpiration for your property.

It is vital that you meet these people on site to discuss your options and future plans for your property, you may one day want a pool where they place the irrigation field, and you will need to request that they allow for the type of system you want, ie a WormSmart waste system otherwise they can charge to have a report amended.

It is recommended that all new home builds and installations have a report done and you can often get the waste water report done at the same time as the soil report for the building and structure. We are happy to make these arrangements for you or provide you a contact.


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