Rural Septic Systems

WormSmart have installed septic systems on rural properties and farms all over the east coast of Australia. We can design the most appropriate septic system for your needs.

Whether you are seeking to upgrade an existing outdated septic system or even convert elements of your current system to achieve WormSmart’s efficiency and eco-friendly sustainability, our friendly team can help.

Perhaps you are on a large farm, an off grid retreat retreat, a commercial property like a vineyard or just a tiny home with composting toilet? When it comes to septic systems, WormSmart can answer your questions, provide you with cost-effective, environmentally responsible solutions and with your consent, assist you through each and every step until final implementation.

WormSmart’s standard system, for most dwellings up to five bedrooms, uses a 3000 litre poly tank although, for very specific installations, options do exist for upgrades to 4000 litre poly tanks, or even concrete tanks up to 10,000 litres in size.

All WormSmart operators are fully licensed, comprehensively trained and insured. We pride ourselves on presentation, honesty and courtesy, with every operator undergoing a full police background check as a means of ensuring your security.


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