Solar Powered Septic Systems

“Off the grid” was once nothing more than an aspiration; today it has become a reality, in one form or another, for many households and rural holdings.

Over the past decade, the escalating cost of power and often the prohibitive cost of its required infrastructure have been influencing home builders, owner builders and existing households towards the broad range of benefits which may be derived from stand-alone solar energy.

WormSmart is right at home in this company; a minimal to zero energy, clean and ecologically-friendly waste water septic system which not only outperforms other alternatives but also produces nutritious irrigation for its surrounding lawns, gardens and orchards.

Without the need for air blowers, ultraviolet lights or 24 hour transfer pumps, grey and black waste is efficiently and naturally converted. In fact the only power draw might be from a low wattage Davey pump operating occasionally, on demand and for short periods only; overall, the perfect partner for solar energy.

There’s no need to compromise on comfort or convenience, nature will provide.


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