Existing Septic System Replacement

The condition and siting of an existing “standard” septic tank may allow for an economical retro-fit, creating a fully operational WormSmart system without the need for the old tank to be removed and decommissioned.

Most retro-fit requests will require a preliminary site visit, required to assess the condition of the existing tank and an inspection of the current trenches and/or irrigation provisions. Due to the original design, most will require the addition of a pump and resulting electrical works but subject to age and condition, it may well be possible to save money on your WormSmart installation.

Understandably, unlike a new system, when retro-fitting with long-existing infrastructure installed by another contractor, WormSmart cannot guarantee the overall installation nor warrant that the existing tank will not rise upon being pumped clean but these provisions, together with honest price comparisons, will be fully disclosed and discussed prior to entering any commitments.

Irrespective of an existing installation, each and every retro-fit will be required to pass through a specific permit application process. This varies from the brand new installation process but will be prepared and lodged on your behalf, as a part of WormSmart’s comprehensive service.


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