Whether you are thinking about purchasing land, have already purchased or nearly finished your build, it is never too late to contact us. Do you have an existing permit for a completely different system and would like to explore your options?


Give us a call and talk to us about it. We are happy to advise and help regardless of what stage you are at. Don’t worry about the paper work and dealing with the council as we can do all of that for you.

The process of having a WormSmart system installed

  1. Contact your council or us to see whether you will need to have a waste water report or LCA done. We can help with this stage and fully advise you on your requirements and even arrange the report for you if you would like. Most reports cost between $800 and $1200 and can be a requirement in some areas for the permit application. They also help with providing an accurate quote.
  1. Contact us for your quote. Give us a call or send us through your report. We can provide an interim quote based on just a floor and site plan but it may be subject to change should the council require a waste water report. We are happy to do the plumbing connection to the house for you however this will be priced at the time once on site as certain factors can vary the cost.
  1. Quote approval. We would like you to be able to contact us at any time to discuss the quote or ask any questions at all to help you with your decision. We take all our quotes very seriously and do not use them to get a ‘foot in the door’ and they will generally include the council permit fee and any other requirements such as diversion drains, we do not charge to put a diversion drain in should the council ask for one at inspection. You can approve your quote directly from the link on it
  1. Permit application. It is at this stage you will receive an invoice from us. The invoice will be from the quote but we only require payment for the council imposed application fee and a refundable holding deposit of $500 (commercial $1000). This $500 is refunded as a deduction from the invoice at the time of the installation. Once we receive the payment we will commence the application and pay for the fee. Most applications will require a site and floor plan as well as the waste water report and can take up to 21 working days to be approved. As we are the applicants on your behalf we will liaise with the council and answer any relevant questions on your behalf but always keeping you informed of progress.
  1. Permit approval. Once the permit is approved we will receive a copy of the paper work and forward a copy onto you. At this stage we will contact you to discuss actions going forward, such as an estimated installation date.
  1. Approximately 2 weeks out from the scheduled installation date we will require a 50% payment of the remaining invoice, (less the holding deposit). We arrive on site between 7 and 7:30 am on the scheduled day of installation and require an authorised person to meet us on site to discuss final locations, This could be a builder, plumber, parent or yourselves. Most installations take up to 2 days to complete and once again we would like to meet you onsite ant the conclusion to go over everything with you.
  1. Post install. In the days after the completion we will email you a certificate of compliance, an ‘as constructed layout and a copy of your owner’s manual. Please keep these in a file and add any service records etc to it. We also supply a copy of the relevant documents to council on your behalf.
  1. Final payment for the installation is required within 7 days of completion. Unless requested we do not send another invoice as payment can be made from the original invoice sent to you at permit application.
  1.  You are now part of the WormSmart family and have a 24/7 contact with us should you need to. we will contact you regarding your free commissioning service and any other services after that.

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