The WormSmart system is fast becoming recognised as the most sustainable and environmentally friendly waste system in Australia and possibly the world. Unlike the competition, we now have government approvals and systems installed in every state and territory of Australia as well as New Zealand and recently India.


The unique design of the system allows for and utilises natures perfect waste processors, worms. These worms will break down all organic waste that is disposed in the system, including kitchen and garden matter, turning it into an organic humus. Natures other perfect processor, aerobic bacteria, then live and feed on this humus and as the grey water filters through it the aerobic bacteria cleans and treats it. The result is a clear, pathogen free, odourless and nutrient rich liquid that passes into you soil along with the smaller worm eggs and partially broken down castings, these will improve and aerate your soil and fertilise your plants, trees and / or grass.

All of this is done passively with the natural atmosphere providing the aeration process and the aerobic Bacteria killing off most pathogens. If you are on a relatively flat block you will need to have a pump to disperse the water from the tank to the application area. The pump is set up on vertical rising float switches that will only operate when there are about 600 litres of water in the tank, it will then pump at a rate of about 150 litres a minute running at 1.5 amps. It is a quality Davey vortex pump and should you be off grid then will run off your solar system without any need to upgrade it. The pumps down time, between pumps, will depend on water usage.

There are many differences to that of our competition, but first and foremost we designed the Wormsmart system to be safe, user friendly and aesthetically pleasing in your landscape. It is also designed for better, faster and more fresh air circulation via a passive, atmospherically controlled vent. This ensures that the inside of the tank has a constant supply of fresh air to support the multitude of microscopic life essential to the processing and water quality results.
We are happy to take care of the council application process for you and only charge the councils application fee, we do not add to it or charge an administration cost for this service regardless of how long it may take or how complicated. This includes helping with the design process and consulting with you, your builder and plumber to establish the best possible outcome.
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