The ‘off grid’ revolution is well and truely happening. With the cost of power, not only to be supplied to your property, but having the physical lines put to your house, an expense that just does not seem justified, more and more owner builders, builders and home owners are deciding to put stand alone solar in to generate power for their property, and with todays technology it is becoming far more cost effective and even more reliable than mains power.


But what environmentally friendly and high quality waste water system can you put in that will compliment your new renewable energy source? A Wormsmart one or course. The Wormsmart waste water system can treat your waste water, grey and black, with minimal to no energy requirement and if it does require power then we will instal a very high quality, low wattage Davey pump that will only operate when there is a certain amount of water in the system. Once it has extracted all of the water it will sit idol until there is enough in there to activate again. The system can survive long periods of non use without consuming any power at all or on as little as 3 litres input a day regular use.


So the advantages of having a Wormsmart waste water system at your environmentally friendly property with renewable energy from the sun; High quality passive water treatment that will operate without any strain on your solar system. No air blowers, ultraviolet lights or transfers pumps that can operate day and night. Not only that you can reuse the water to irrigate your lawns or orchard.