It is a local and State Government requirement that all waste water systems must be serviced, how often and to what degree is the variable.


Most other treatment systems require a service every 3 months and paper work needs to be lodged with the council. This is not only expensive but also can be inconvenient, what guarantees do you have that the service agent is doing the right thing and you are getting your monies worth. Councils can and do regularly audit these systems and fines can be issued. Even standard septics need servicing and de-sludging.


The WormSmart system is only required, by most regulators to be serviced every 18 to 24 months, although some local councils do require 12 monthly services.


The service cost will depend on your geographic location as some more remote sites might be costlier however we will let you know the cost of the servicing right from the beginning but most are $150 +GST + any required and out of warranty components. A requested service visit due to inflicted damage or miss use will cost $500+ GST + any required and out of warranty components.


After a service we will fill out a service report and provide one to you and your council, we retain a copy on record should you require it in the future.