Depending on the condition of the existing tank and that it is still fit for use we can ‘retro-fit’ the WormSmart system into that tank. This may save you some money and the requirement to have the old one removed or decommissioned.


All retro-fit systems will still have to pass through a permit application process, slightly different to that of a new install, but we can lodge all of that on your behalf.


Most retro fit requests will require a site visit to determine the condition of the existing tank and the trenches or irrigation that it disperses into and most will require the addition of a pump and electrical work to be carried out.


We cannot guarantee the installation of your existing system, as we most likely did not install it so cannot offer a guarantee on it not rising once it has been pumped out. These factors will be explained on contact we are more than happy to provide you with options and a price comparison.