Tucks Ridge winery, Red Hill Victoria.

This was one of our first large commercial installations. Working closely with the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council and the current owners of the vineyard, we sized and quoted a system that would suit the managements desire to not only reduce their environmental impact, reduce running costs further their goal of sustainability but to have thier vineyard recognised as an environmentally friendly one.


We installed a 7000 litre concrete and and retro fitted the internal system on site. The vent pipe was diverted so as not be a visual influence on the restaurant and a low wattage but powerful Davey D75 was installed to send the water 120m up a slight rise to the pebble clarifier.


From the pebble clarifier, we installed a manual flush valve into a long soakage trench. From the clarifier, the water gravity fed a 30 sqm sand filter that we fitted with 1 solid wall to protect from nearby trees and installed the pump chute externally to maximise the filtration area of the filter.  The filtered water passes through an inline filter and a pressure controlled 6-way distribution valve into 6 X 350 sqm areas of pressure compensating irrigation totalling 2100 square meters in total.


We decommissioned the 3 old tanks and flattened out the area they were in, arranged all the electrical work and connection to the existing plumbing. The owners then painted the vent pipe and built a wooden bench over top of the tank with a removable access lid. Visitors to the winery often sit on this bench right on top of the WormSmart system.

mock orchids, Red Hill Victoria.

A smaller commercial system, Mock Orchards comprises of a 4000 litre poly tank and a series of soakage trenches.


The owners of the Orchard wanted to purchase a system as close to organic as they could. The Orchard is a certified organic producer of Cider and were under some limitations as to what they would be able to have. Wanting to keep energy consumption to a minimum, lower running and maintenance costs as well as protect their organic reputation and environment. After doing extensive research they decided upon a WormSmart waste system and have not looked back.

Wander Lust Retreat, Putty, NSW

The inspiring owners of this very remote block of land needed a system that would run completely and utterly off grid while still being able service the toilet block, managers house and guest kitchen all with as little an impact to the environment as possible. As this is a retreat they were concerned about smells and local air pollution and as it is extremely remote they did not want to have to arrange for expensive service’s and de-sludging.  They wanted a system that would take the waste from their kitchen as well as the black and grey water.


We installed a 10000 litre concrete tank with onsite fit out and a large amount of soakage trenching. Ironically there was limited space on this site to put the application field due to a seasonal creek that ran through the camping area but we overcame that by making our own flat ground then using the fill to cover the trenches back up.