Composting Toilets

We are proud to be agents for the range of Australian made Green Loo composting toilets.

Dry composting toilets that use no water for flushing conserve precious water resources and keep effluent and pollutants out of waterways and the ecosystem. The savings on your water bill are an added bonus - and waterless toilets can, in fact, be an elegant addition to a modern bathroom.

Tailored to domestic & public applications, Green Loo's products are also proven in the military, in disaster relief and the developing world. Become part of an ever growing solution worldwide and help preserve our earth's most precious resource - water!

They are a proven, minimum or no energy alternative to the traditional reticulated systems that only transport the problem downstream. They can also reduce on site restrictions and eliminate pollution & nutrient problems of systems such as septic tanks.

They are often preferable to conventional toilets in environmentally fragile or water-scarce areas. For example more and more councils are increasingly recommending that householders install waterless toilets rather than conventional septic tank systems.

The composting toilet doesn’t smell if used and maintained correctly. In fact, because all our composting toilets use a ventilation system, (either electric/solar or a whirlybird wind fan) there is actually less odor than with a normal flushing toilet. The ventilation system draws any smells down through the composting chambers, and out of the external vent pipe leaving your toilet odor free!

Different Types of Dry Composting Toilets
The many designs available can be divided into four main types, all with their own characteristics, capacities and installation requirements.

  • Self Contained Composting Toilets
  • Split System Composting Toilets (for Family Use)
  • Eco-Remote Composting Toilet
  • Split System Composting Toilets (for Public Applications)
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